Toolbox Talk: Safety Tips Before Beginning A Task in The Workplace

August 23, 2021
By N. Nicholas, ASP

Before beginning any work task, there are a few different factors to consider and preparations that need to be taken in order for a work task to be completed successfully and safely.

After all, if the necessary steps aren’t taken prior to performing a particular task, you run the risk of being injured or harming others around you.

The three basic components you should prepare before beginning any particular work task are: yourself, your surroundings and your tools.

Preparing Yourself Before Beginning Work Tasks is an Important Component of Safely Completing Tasks Within Your Occupation & Industry

First things first – make sure that you are prepared both physically and mentally for the challenge ahead.

If you know what type of task it will be, review any previous related experience or training you have, as this will help prepare you for what to expect.

Preparing Your Surroundings Before Beginning Work Tasks is Important In All Industries & Occupations

Next, make sure that the work environment is properly set up and fully equipped with all safety equipment needed beforehand.

Don’t take a job only to find out that the necessary tools and equipment haven’t been acquired yet.

This could lead to delays in getting tasks done on time which in turn may result in demerits from your boss, co-workers or even customers/clients.

If you follow these two simple components before beginning a work task, chances are greater that you’ll be able to perform work tasks safely the first time around.

Having the Right Tools for the Task at Hand is Crucial to Effectively and Safely Completing Work Tasks

If there are any tools needed, make sure they are available.

Tools and personal protective equipment such as work gloves, masks or goggles should always be readily accessible within your work area.

Tools don’t only include physical items, but also include; knowledge of how tasks will proceed.

A blueprint may be necessary if you’re on a construction site; or blueprints and instructions may be given by an employer during training on how to complete particular tasks properly.

Your tools for the task at hand might not always be physical, but an adequate knowledge of how to do something is an essential part in completing a work task safely.

Implementing Safeguards Before

Beginning Work Tasks is Important for the Safety of Your Co-Workers

At the end of the day, when all is done and said, it’s your choice whether you want to perform work tasks in a safe manner or not.

Sure, there may be a few mistakes you make along the way as you practice getting accustomed to doing things safely.

The aim of this article is to help minimize any errors in judgement before beginning work tasks. When it comes down to it, your decision on how to complete work tasks ultimately comes down to YOU.

If you choose not to follow these three general components before beginning any particular task at hand with no regard for others who might be around (i.e.: co-workers), they are more than likely going to show their disapproval and lead to an unsafe work environment.

After all, if you are being careless with your actions before beginning work tasks, it’s only natural that others will begin to think you’re an irresponsible, unsafe, and reckless person.

If this happens on a regular basis, chances are not many people would want to work with someone like that.

That’s why it’s up to YOU how you choose to complete work tasks.

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