3,079,210+ Safety toolbox talks already sent to teams

The Toolbox Talk Software To Automate Safety Talks and Save Time

Safelyio makes it easy to automate safety talks with:

  • Over 400 toolbox talks in our library
  • The toolbox talk app makes it easy for employees to complete talks anywhere at anytime
  • Easy bulk scheduling for teams
  • Securely store training records

Trusted by Companies Both Big and Small

Now you can have all safety toolbox talks in one place scheduled and ready to go

With this toolbox talk software, it is very easy to create safety talks or choose from our toolbox library, schedule date and time employees should receive talk and track digital attendance.

Create, schedule, and manage toolbox talks for different teams

Toolbox talks can be scheduled to be sent days, weeks or months in advance, completely automated.

Track each toolbox talk engagement and performance

Track each toolbox talk performance to see which employees did or did not read or watch the talks. 

Access to safety toolbox library with text and video-based content

Get access to our video and text toolbox talk library created and updated by our in-house environmental health and safety team with decades of experience

Digital Acknowledgement For Safety Talks  

Digital safety talks are the future. No need to pass around a paper or device to get signatures.

This toolbox talk software makes it easy for employees to consume safety talks from their own mobile devices and acknowledge its completion at the click of a button.

All completed safety talks are tracked and available. The data can be exported and available for use.

Employees have the flexibility to complete and acknowledge the training at any time enabling supervisors to leverage productivity while still educating employees about critical safety protocols. 

employee completes a toolbox talk on the app

Test Employee’s Safety Knowledge To Enforce Learning With The Toolbox Talk App

Want to make sure your team actually learns from safety talks?

With this toolbox talk app, you can optionally add a quiz to talks to make sure they’re actually consuming the content and learning.

This encourages employees to properly digest the content.

As a result, your teams safety awareness improves leading to a better overall safety culture.

safelyio toolbox talk app with quiz

Create and Schedule Safety Talks For Separate Teams

Not all tasks are created equal.

Some teams will need more specific safety talks depending on risks associated with their job. 

With Safelyio toolbox talk software, you can create multiple teams and schedule specific safety campaigns for them only.

Toolbox Talk app showing teams

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