Let Your Team Chat With Safety PDF Documents Anywhere Anytime

From safety standard operating procedures to workplace safety policies. Safelyio AI makes it easy for your team to ask questions and find information fast.

  • Easily upload the PDF documents you'd like your team to chat with in the field.
  • Make it easy for your team to ask questions and extract information quickly with AI.
  • Every response is backed by sources extracted from only the uploaded document.
  • Instant answers = better crew productivity
Chat with safety pdf documents AI chatbot

Some Of The Many Companies Using Safelyio’s AI Safety Chatbot

No more flipping through 100s of pages

Get to the exact information you need instantly, ensuring that safety protocols are followed precisely when it matters most. Instant access to information means less time searching and more time working.

chat with pdf safety documents AI chatbot for teams

Chat with safety docs anywhere & anytime

Now your team can have real-time conversations with any PDF document, crucial safety standards, operating procedures, and policies.

Assign specific safety documents to certain teams

Easily manage and distribute safety protocols, procedures, and guidelines specific to different roles within your organization. 

Many use cases across various industries

From construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, logistics and transportation, healthcare, hospitality, energy and utilities, mining, chemical processing and many more.

Maximize productivity and safety all at once

Reduce downtime on the job.

Equip your team with access to knowledge and confidence they need to operate safely. 

Confident teams are not only more productive but also adhere to safety protocols diligently.

The safety AI chatbot powered by your PDF files

Your team's new go-to for everything safety-related.

This tool is here to make sure your crew has all the safety wisdom they need, exactly when they need it. 

Imagine having a assistant that understands and responds to all kinds of safety queries. 

Whether it's digging through safety manuals, guidelines, or procedures, Safelyio's AI chatbot is on the job 24/7, giving your team the information on safety do's and don'ts without skipping a beat. 

Unlock your teams full potential with an safety AI chatbot powered by your PDF's

Lets show you how Safelyio can help.