The state of safety toolbox talks is broken and we're on a mission to fix it. 

A change is long-over due.

Why? because the old way of doing toolbox talks just doesn't work as it should. 

Employees leave safety meetings without learning or retaining anything.  And if they aren't learning its just a waste of valuable time. But most importantly results in more workplace accidents, injuries and compliance problems.

Safelyio’s goal is to bring a full transformation in the way companies do safety toolbox talks.

We’re doing this by applying the concept of micro-learning that has been proven to be effective for educating your team.

These little safety training sessions will educate and drive employee job performance.

We know that doing high-quality consistent toolbox talks is hard, Safelyio was actually born out of the frustration.

Our team has a combined experience of 30+ years in the health and safety industry. So, we have first hand experience in managing the safety of thousands of employees.

We know how difficult it is for companies to implement a safety culture and making sure that your employees are consistently educated on safety measures.

Safelyio was created for companies who take their employee safety seriously, companies who want to have a “safety-first” culture and maximize productivity to boost bottom-line.

Using the power of Safelyio’s automation, you can achieve that.

Ready to boost your company's safety and compliance?

Lets show you how Safelyio's automated safety toolbox talks can help.