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The Toolbox Talk App For Construction Teams

Boost safety on your work sites with our toolbox talk app featuring:

  • 400+ construction toolbox talks in our digital library
  • This safety talk app makes it easy for your employees to complete talks anywhere at anytime
  • Pre-scheduled toolbox talks for weeks and months in advanced
  • All safety training records securely in the cloud

Some of The Many Companies Making Their Teams Safer With Safelyio

Construction Toolbox Talks Library: Choose from 400+ safety topics

Our comprehensive library provides a wealth of valuable resources for your safety talks. Whether you need to address topics such as hazard identification, equipment safety, or emergency procedures, our diverse collection ensures that you have the right toolbox talk at your fingertips. 

digital toolbox talk  app library

I have been using Safelyio for about 18 months now and I couldn't be happier. The automated toolbox talk system is easy to use and affordable especially for a small business such as mine. It saves us time because we don't have to search for toolbox talks, then email them out to our staff in the field. The mobile app is simple and easy to navigate. Also, their customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend this to any firm looking for a way to streamline their team safety talks.

Fredrick - OWNER


Bring all your toolbox talks together in one place

Experience the convenience of having all your toolbox talks centralized.

You can effortlessly upload your safety meeting talks or select from our extensive library. From there, easily schedule talks, deliver them, and seamlessly track attendance.

Pre-scheduled toolbox talks 

You can effortlessly plan and organize your toolbox talks in advance.

Simply set up your desired topics and schedule, and the Safelyio will automatically deliver the talks at the designated time.

This saves you time and ensures that important safety information reaches your team consistently.

schedule toolbox talks for a team

Upload your own toolbox talks

Safelyio allows you to effortlessly upload your own toolbox talks.

With this feature, you can customize the content, align it with your company's safety policies, and ensure that your team receives relevant and impactful safety messages. 

You have the flexibility and control to deliver safety talks that resonate with your workforce.

Employees can easily sign off digital toolbox talks 

sign digital toolbox talk

No more hassle of passing around papers or devices to collect signatures. 

With Safelyio toolbox talk app, employees can easily access safety talks right from their own mobile devices.

They can quickly acknowledge the completion with just a simple click.

The best part? All the completed safety talks are tracked and stored, and you can even export the data for further use.

This means employees have the flexibility to complete the training anytime or anywhere, allowing supervisors to boost productivity while ensuring everyone is educated on vital safety protocols. 

Use quizzes to make sure your team is learning safety procedures

toolbox talk app with quiz

You can optionally add quizzes to the talks, making sure that your team is not just going through the motions but actually engaging with the safety training and learning from it.

This interactive feature encourages employees to thoroughly digest the information and take it to heart.

The result?

An improvement in your team's safety awareness, leading to a stronger and more positive safety culture overall.

It's a game-changer for boosting safety knowledge and fostering a safer work environment.

Safelyio Toolbox Talk App FAQs

How many talks preloaded in safelyio?

This toolbox talk app has an impressive collection of over 400 toolbox talks. Whether you're looking for talks on health and safety, workplace hazards, electrical safety, or any other topic related to construction, we've got you covered.

With such a wide range of toolbox talks at your fingertips, you can easily find the ones that are most relevant to your needs and keep your team well-informed and prepared.

How often new talks are added?

We're always on the move, working tirelessly to bring you fresh and exciting toolbox talks for our app.

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest safety measures and industry trends, which is why we're committed to continuously adding new talks to our toolbox talks app.

Do you cover all aspects of construction?

Whether you're involved in residential construction, commercial projects, electrical work, plumbing, or any other trade, our toolbox talks address the specific safety needs and protocols relevant to your field.

So, no matter what aspect of construction you're involved in, you can trust that our talks will provide the valuable information and guidance you need to promote a safe working environment.

Can I upload my own safety toolbox talks?

Yes, you can upload your own toolbox talks, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your specific project requirements and safety standards.

Our coordinator can literally sit down on a Monday morning and schedule safety topics to our staff weeks or months in advance. Before we began using the Safelyio, we met in the office, conducted the meeting, then passed around a document to sign. Now this saves us time as everyone can complete the training in their own time. I love using the quiz function also to ensure our team understands the safety topic. It's a great tool for any company who wants to promote their safety and health program.

Rafiq- manager


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