Auto Accident Procedures Safety Toolbox Talk

August 19, 2021
By N. Nicholas, ASP

Take precautionary measures to prevent auto accident related incidents by following the proper safety procedures and ensure a safe ride.

  • The first thing to do would be to make sure you are well rested and alert when driving. Don’t drive tired or you could easily find yourself disoriented on the road eventually becoming a danger to other drivers and pedestrians alike.
  • Pay attention to all traffic rules especially those involving speed limit laws and signs.  No speeding is allowed; if it is required by law then obey these laws because they are in place for a reason.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings at all times as well – this includes having good vision without wearing sunglasses even if it feels like you need them because otherwise, what will happen if there is a sudden change causing an accident? How would you deal with it then? Proceed through any intersections and stop signs to avoid any sort of collision with other cars or even pedestrians.

What to do if an Accident Occurs

The first thing you should do at this point is exit the vehicle and ensure your own safety by moving far away from the car itself.

Other vehicles approaching the scene of an accident might not have noticed yet or even worse, they’ll see you and think nothing of it until they realize their mistake too late.

If you are unable to get out of the car because there is an injury, then call 911 immediately and wait for emergency vehicles to arrive.

Follow the auto steps outlined by your auto insurance carrier.

When emergency services arrive, provide them with as much information as possible about what caused the accident in the first place. Never admit fault, explain that clearly and honestly so you can avoid being charged with a false statement if not found guilty.

Take pictures of the scene if safe to do so; capturing any damage to your vehicle and possible contributing factors.

If someone else involved is disoriented or confused at all, then assist in whatever way necessary until help arrives. Do whatever needs to be done even if it means calling for additional assistance from nearby resources such as fire department workers or police officers. 

Be careful when approaching the injured parties though – just because they might look fine does not mean they are okay on the inside; they could be experiencing internal bleeding or any other sort of condition without you even knowing about it.

Remember that most auto accidents do not come out of nowhere and are almost always avoidable through proper safety procedures.

If all drivers followed the same rules on the road, then there would be far fewer car related deaths in the United States annually. Sadly, this is one of the largest causes of death worldwide due to negligence and careless driving habits.

More than 80% of traffic accidents can be prevented by following a few simple steps such as maintaining awareness at all times while being alert and attentive to your own state as well as current surroundings so nothing goes wrong in the first place.

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