The Tailgate Safety Meeting App To Automate Safety Talks and Save Time

Safelyio makes conducting tailgate safety meetings easy by providing:

  • A collection of over 400 safety talks in our  library.
  • An app that enables employees to conveniently complete tailgate safety talks from any location, at any time.
  • Straightforward bulk scheduling, ideal for coordinating with teams.
  • A secure system for storing and managing training records efficiently.
tailgate safety meeting app

Some Of The Many Companies Using Safelyio’s Tailgate Safety Meeting App

Have All Your Tailgate Safety Talks Organised in One Place

With this tailgate talk software you can create your own custom safety talks or pick from our stocked library, set up when your crew gets the talk and track digital attendance.

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Easily organize and schedule tailgate safety talks for specific teams

Plan your safety talks way ahead whether it's days, weeks, or even months in advance. Set it up once and let the automation take care of the rest.

Track each safety talk engagement and performance

Safelyio lets you track each tailgate talk, showing you who has or hasn't completed the talk.

Access to tailgate safety talk library with text and video-based content

Crafted and regularly updated by our seasoned environmental health and safety team, these resources come packed with years of expertise.

Digital Acknowledgement For Tailgate Safety Talks 

Gone are the days of juggling paper sheets or circulating a single device for signatures.

This tailgate safety meeting app is a game-changer for your teams, allowing them to access and complete tailgate safety talks directly from their mobile devices.

With a simple click, they can acknowledge completion, streamlining the entire process.

Now your team can engage in training material at their convenience, whether during a break, before starting their shift, or even at home.

For supervisors, this translates to a significant boost in productivity. You can keep the wheels turning without compromising on safety. 

employee completes a toolbox talk on the app

Easily Test Your Team’s Knowledge With This Tailgate Safety Meeting App

Wondering if your team is really soaking up those tailgate safety talks?

Our app lets you optionally add a quiz for each talk, ensuring your crew isn't just skimming through but actually engaging with and learning from the content.

It's a gentle nudge for them to thoroughly understand the material.

This interactive approach encourages a deeper dive into the safety topics. And what's the payoff?

A team that's more safety-aware, fostering a robust safety culture that permeates every aspect of your workplace.

With Safelyio, it's not just about delivering information; it's about ensuring it sticks.

safelyio toolbox talk app with quiz

Now you create and schedule tailgate Safety Talks For Separate Teams

Not every job carries the same risks.

Different teams often require safety talks that address the unique challenges and hazards specific to their roles.

With Safelyio, you can easily segment your workforce into multiple teams, each with its own set of safety requirements.

This means you can create and schedule specialized safety campaigns customized to the exact needs of each team. 

Toolbox Talk app showing teams

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